1795 W. Peacock „Prussia and Poland”

William Peacock  (1770 – 1851)

ATR žemėlapis  1795 m.


11.8×15.3 cm.

ID: 1727

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Iš William Peacock  „A compendious geographical and historical grammar : exhibiting a brief survey of the terraqueous globe; and shewing, the situation, extent, boundaries, and divisions of the various countries; their chief towns, mountains, rivers, climates, and productions; their governments, revenues, commerce, and their seas and land forces; likewise, the religion, language, literature, customs, and manners of the respective inhabitants of the different nations: and also, a concise view of the political history of the several empires, kingdoms, and states /Embellished with maps…, London, Printed for W.Peacock, … 1795”

Graveris John Russell